Slowpokes Ski Crystal Ridge: 21 March 2021

Slowpokes?  There's always someone faster than you on the uptrack, likley just not us!  We'll likely just do about 200 v-m/h. This trip wouldn't be fun for you if you want to race up.  If you would enjoy an easy, friendly paced up-track, please join in!  : - )

The Party:

We are planning on a party of 4-5.  AST-1 safety training is a minimum requirement.


Still working on route selection details but it looks like about 3 km in and ~550 m up, ascending the SW aspect on the Helen Lake summer trail then breaking off the trail to go high to ridge top.  Then ski down the NE aspect backside about another 200 v-m, skin back up and ski down SW aspect to the cars.  About 750 v-m, 950 v-m at most, for the day. 

Its March, so avy conditions can fluctuate widely.  We have options, like ascending from the south on ridge top to tree line or beyond and skiing SW or NE aspects.  Its mostly 'only' challenging terrain so it should be doable, although there's always plan-B's.  Let's plan as a group.

Meet-up Location

There is no formal carpool.  We plan to meet at the Lake Louise Samsons Mall Sunday at 8:30AM near the deli and public bathrooms there, where there is still cellphone coverage, complete our waiver transactions, then car caravan to the Crowfoot Glacier Viewpoint parking lot on Hwy93N and head uphill.




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Sunday, March 21, 2021


1 day




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