RMS Summer BBQ - July 11

The RMS Summer BBQ Returns!

As the earth turns, the seasons change and COVID restrictions are lifted, we are announcing the return of the ACC Rocky Mountain Section Summer Barbeque! This event is testament that the best things in life are free, so please be our guest and join us for some free free burgers/veg burgers/salad and dessert as well as free sunshine on the deck of the Clubhouse. Because what’s better than catching up with friends, spraying about last years adventure, and having a free meal [seriously – if you know something better than this, please email the editor].


The need-to-know info is below:


Date:   July 11

Time:   5:30pm

Locale: ACC Canmore Clubhouse

Elevation: 1,335m


This event is a great way to meet some new people, reconnect with ‘summer friends’ you haven’t seen over the winter, or bump into that same that person you keep bumping into at the crag.


The RMS has been putting this event on for 25+ years and it’s always a great time, so please, come have some burgs next Sunday! No reservation required!