5 Good Reasons

5 good reasons to join us !

Joining the Alpine Club of Canada provides you with amazing opportunities for exploration and recreation, for learning and developing new skills, and for good companionship every day that you're involved in the Club.

   1) Participate, for free, in a wide range of outdoor trips, all year long,... check the trip schedule

   2) Participate, for free, in our training programs including: 

       Leadership Development program - many free or highly subsidized courses available for trip leaders and taught by ACMG professional guides

       R.O.C.K. Program - a 2 night, 6 day program that takes gym climbers and turns them into safe, trained multi-pitch trad climbing trip participants

       Backcountry Skiers in Training (BIT) program during the winter - learn the basics of back country winter travel

       Volunteer Grant Program - grants are available to offset some of your costs for leadership training (i.e avalanche courses, first aid courses, etc.) that you take on your own.  Contact the Volunteer Grants Chair, Fiona Mulvenna for more details.

 3) Participate in summer and winter camps, as well as special and social events

 4) Receive bi-monthly updates on club activities via the Spindrift, our section newsletter directly to your inbox

 5) Meet an amazing group of like minded individuals people to play in the mountains with.   Go to the next step by clicking here...  http://www.alpineclubofcanada.ca/membership/