Cauldron Lake/Cauldron Peak: 14 September 2019

Hike up to scenic Cauldron Lake from the Icefields Parkway.  We have the option of going up Cauldron Peak depending on group interest/motivation.  There is no bridge across the "stream" so we will need to wade across Peyto Creek (likely close to Peyto Lake is best) and possibly Cauldron Creek, so strongly recommended to bring hiking poles and must have something to wear for crossing the stream as your feet will get wet (e.g. sandals or sneakers).  If we do the full trip to the peak, the distance is approx 20km, with 1600m of elevation gain; if we just go to the lake, it is 14km, with approx 1000m of gain.  When you send your registration, please indicate your degree of interest in going to the peak (i.e. would prefer to go just to the lake vs. would only do this trip if we plan to go for the summit vs. flexible either way). 


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Saturday, September 14, 2019


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